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                Mobile Website

                Sales Hotline
                0757-23301822 23813270 23813207
                Service Hotline  4008 300 028

                Contact Us

                Sales Hotline:0757-23301822
                0757-23813270 0757-23813207

                Service Hotline:4008 300 028

                Address: Shunde Industrial Zone,
                Chencun Le Zhu District of Guangdong Province Foshan City

                Home > About UsAbout Us

                FoShan ShunDe SHENAO REFRIGEATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. Located in the Pearl River Delta, the beautiful and rich Foshan Shunde. It is a professional production license bid, Austria Holley licensing, Guangdong Hui Ling brand, refrigeration equipment.

                The company is strong in technology, production experience. With advanced production equipment and testing equipment. Products are single-temperature, dual temperature glass showcase, dual-order cabinets, marble cake cabinets, fresh table, food freezers and so on dozens of products. And actively introduce new technology, new technologies, develop new products. Part of the product specifications acceptable to user requirements. Best-selling products. Good service.

                Refrigeration bid in the quality and credibility, innovation and development, continue to strengthen the quality of management. The product to a higher level of development, to provide the market with better quality, more brand-name products.